Be U Leaders

A self-awareness program for adults and kids

Kids and grownups living from the inside out

Be U, Inc. is a conscious-living company that helps kids and grownups practice self-awareness and self-acceptance. Be U focuses on self understanding, self-compassion, and mindful living because these skills naturally contribute to kindness and goodwill toward others.

Be U highlights emotional intelligence, resilience, and joy-filled living to help kids and adults understand they’re enough. It’s okay to have emotional experiences and to feel unsure, yet simultaneously feel good about who you are and what you can do. Too often kids and adults look outside of themselves to feel enough, but the truth is you are already enough, just by being you.

Be U is about accepting ourselves with no qualifications attached. Of course we will continue to learn and grow, but our value in the world is not dependent on external factors. It’s not about “fixing” anything in ourselves or others. It is simply affirming who we are, with all the strengths and weaknesses we possess in the moment.

Graduates of Be U Girls Club, 2013 (and now the Be U Leaders, 2014) pictured above: Top row: Grace Ginter (IC), Isabel Jones (Lincoln), Middle row: Emma Baran (Hawthorne), Mary Grace Messeemann (Edison), Megan Prodehl (Hawthorne), Nora Kirk (Field). Bottom row: Jacey Adams (Field), Ellie Casey (Hawthorne), Casserly Hyland (Hawthorne).

Graduates of Be U Girls Club, 2013 (and now the Be U Leaders, 2014) .

This practice and understanding actually ignites the energy and enthusiasm to do more to be more of ourselves, to give more, and to enjoy life more.These are the essential ingredients for whole and courageous living.

Be U provides the tools for open information sharing.Be U offers presentations, classes, podcasts, videos, entertainment, retreats, clubs, and even yoga – to kick start the self-empowerment conversation, using simple and intuitive language to speak to universal principles: you are enough, love yourself, trust yourself, be mindful, be aware, be courageous, be grateful, be authentic.

Be U harnesses these principles and shows how they can be integrated into day to day living. And how doing so produces happier, healthier, and more successful people.

Be U is designed to be individual, modular, and flexible – it can be for grownups (with supplementary information for kids) or kids (with supplementary information for grownups). What matters is that discussion moves across everyone, ensuring that the information can be shared and reinforced, and that kids and grownups discover the joy of living from the inside out.

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Be a Part of the Be U Movement

We believe kids and parents should enjoy the goodness of life rather than experience a stress-filled, overscheduled and competitive existence.

Be U is an emotionally intelligent guidance system for children who want to remain whole, healthy, empowered, and most importantly—themselves. Be U is also a support system for parents who want to create a meaningful relationship with themselves, their partner, their children and their community. Building on our success from Zen Parenting Radio and The Self-Aware Parent, we want to expand the Be U curriculum to offer more workshops, bring speakers and films to our community, host conferences and more.

We are seeking partners and others who want to help turn this dream into a reality.

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