What is Be U, Inc.?

A self-awareness program for adults and kids
A conscious-living company dedicated to promoting self awareness, social awareness, and mindful living.

Be U, Inc. is a conscious-living company dedicated to promoting self awareness, social awareness, and mindful living. Be U offers podcasts, presentations, workshops, books, blogs, and community screenings to raise awareness around self understanding, self compassion, and mindful living. These skills naturally contribute to overall kindness, giving back, and global citizenship. To meet these goals, Be U, Inc. offers the following:

Zen Parenting Radio – a weekly podcast hosted by Todd and Cathy

Cathy’s booksThe Self-Aware Parent 1 & 2, and the recently released Living What You Want Your Kids to Learn: The Power of Self-Aware Parenting

Presentations/speaking engagements – for conferences, seminars, schools, groups

Community screenings – sponsor powerful documentaries to inspire change and awareness

Retreats – weekend getaway and virtual

Women’s circle – Cathy facilitates a monthly group discussion focusing on a book or specific topic

The Tribe – Todd and Frank Naugo co-facilitate a monthly men’s group and an annual adventure retreat

Be U highlights emotional intelligence, resilience, and joy-filled living to increase self worth and empathy for others. Be U strives to help others accept themselves with no qualifications attached. Of course we will continue to learn and grow, but our value in the world is not dependent on external factors. It’s not about “fixing” anything in ourselves or others. It is simply affirming who we are, with all the strengths and weaknesses we possess in the moment.

Todd and Cathy Adams, Founders of Be U, Inc.


This practice and understanding actually ignites the energy and enthusiasm to do more to be more of ourselves, to give more, and to enjoy life more.  These are the essential ingredients for whole and courageous living.

 Be U strives to kick start the self-empowerment conversation, using simple and intuitive language to speak to universal principles: you are enough, love yourself, trust yourself, be mindful, be aware, be courageous, be grateful, be authentic.

Be U harnesses these principles and shows how they can be integrated into parenting and day to day living. And how doing so produces happier, healthier, and more successful people.

Be Part of the Be U Movement: Be U brings screenings and speakers to the community. If you are interested in donating or assisting in this process, please feel free to contact us or simply make a donation below.